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I help you calm the chaos, stop the swirl of emotions so you can navigate any situation with confidence & ease

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Training Ground

I experienced a tragic loss in my first year of college. My high school sweetheart suddenly passed. I was devastated. I decided to run from the memories, and right into the military! I really enjoyed my time in the Army, and after my term, I made the not-so-smooth-transition back into civilian life.

I was lost. l was a new mom, new wife and needed a new job! I went back to college to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher. At the same time I began working as a chiropractic assistant. I loved it.

Life seemed pretty good...or so I thought.

and then...

The Unlikely Twist

Fast forward a few years. I was divorced, a single mom, had self esteem issues, money problems, uncertainty.

I was still working in the chiropractic field. I knew there was more. But what?

I began dating my soulmate, Dave. We got married and instantly had a big family. I was becoming more confident but still dissatisfied with my career path.

One morning I saw a commercial about a local massage school. I was captivated and instantly knew my next step. The crazy part is: I had never had a massage, didn't know any therapists.. So bizarre, yet it felt so right. I took action and enrolled the next week!

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it was time...

Stepping Up

I had a natural gift. Who knew?! I worked at a spa for years, but dreamed of having my own massage practice.

My marriage was stellar, and we grew to a family of six!

In 2008, we encountered financial difficulties, which resulted in bankruptcy. Ugh. Hard stop.

Something needed to shift. I opened my own business. I was nervous and excited (nervouscited as my daughter calls it!) I had some doubts AND I did it anyway.

and so...

The Trusted Expert

I massaged thousands of clients over 15 years. I was blessed with clients I adored. As a massage instructor I taught hundreds of therapists. I began incorporating reiki, meditation coaching, emotion code, yoga, and "stumbled upon" BodyMind Coaching. It changed my life and my business. Legit.

Massage is wonderful, and it doesn't get to the root - the emotions, old beliefs, old patterns that really cause the pain and dis-ease in the body. That's where coaching comes in. My style is unique. I use two decades of holistic practices to customize my client's experience. It's not about giving the answers. I'm their guide back to themselves- to their inner wisdom. Coaching has unlocked the next level. My clients experience transformation, and it's breathtaking to witness.

I'm able to blend all of the twists and turns for good. Grief / Army / Divorce / Financial hardships / Lack of


Resulted in...

Holistic knowledge / Entrepreneur / Author / Coach / Educator

I love helping my clients gain clarity, confidence and direction. They deserve the life of their dreams.

I love doing my own inner work to create change. In 2019, I officially retired from massage to focus solely on coaching. My family and I made the (scary) and empowering decision to move near the beach so we can live in alignment with our core values. Quite a big move from PA to FL!

"You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life but by realizing who you are at the deepest level"

~Eckhart Tolle


Creating Your Methodology

I guess the blending of science + math + art + public relations + military + paramedic + my problem-solving brain is what makes me so darn good at this stuff.

My methods are often imitated, but never duplicated. LOL.

Seriously though, I love helping amazing people succeed.

I love that I get to help companies that want to grow to $5-15 Million and beyond achieve this.

I’m grateful that I get to be a “valuable companion” and advisor to help people achieve their greatness.


Gentle Rebel

Today I’m honored to partner with the dreamers, the feelers & the change makers around the globe who want to make an impact. I’m a trusted coach, educator and leader for heart-centered women.

I partner with ones willing to do the thing, and take that leap of faith. The world needs you to step up. You need you to step up.

I want you to know this: I go all in for my clients. I show up authentically, and my clients feel safe, seen and valued.

I’m so ready to help you calm the chaos so you can discover your potential and your purpose.

I had the confidence to changes my prices

Jenn was a great source of accountability and reflection for me during our time working together

She helped me have the courage to change my prices to the actual amount that I felt I deserved. This was a bit of a price jump for my clients but because of my work with Jenn, I had the confidence to change my prices and trust that the clients would stay, and they did.


Founder of Pura Vida BodyMind, Saint Paul, Minnesota

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